Squadron Benchmarkv0.99.2

Build and test squads for X-Wing Miniature Game

News: bug correction for Quickdraw. Added translations for Wave X in French, Spanish, German.
FAQ v432 March 2017 - Reference rules September 2015

Build and test squad lists

Squadron Benchmark is a web app

Test new strategies, squadron compositions, maneuvers and initial placements, or simply test new pilots and upgrades, all in your browser.

Combat Trainer

Play against a simple AI, or play both sides. Squadron Benchmark knows the rules, checks for collisions, computes range, manages the different counters, rolls dice and criticals and handles the automatic effects coming from pilots and upgrades: Usually, it requires 1-2 minutes to play a round.

Squad building

All cards from wave 1 to 10.

Select your faction and browse the available pilots in a caroussel, with all information available in one sight.

Find a pilot with its upgrades, actions, cost, or text.

Import, export and save in your browser

No registration. Import/export/print your lists, save them as URLs and share them.


Pilot hitmaps display in one graph how far a pilot can shoot in one round and one shot, and its probability to hit a basic ship (Academy Pilot). See the article in the blog about hitmaps.

Integrated manual, guide,
tournament lists

Integrated Strategy Beginner's Guide.

Find advice for pilots and upgrades, from Flipperoverlord. Feel free to experiment with new combos, with outsiders.

Tournament lists

Tweek or build your lists knowing the meta-game. Play against lists from the latest tournaments entered in Juggler lists.

Automatically updated and listed in Squadron Benchmark.