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classic blue planet blue sky mars cloud city defender deathstar deathstar2



This table gives the % of chance to hit for an attacker. In rows, the number of dice for the attacker, and in column the number of dice of the defender. You can set the tokens or rerolls for both units. Each cell gives the % of chance for the attacker to hit the defender, the mean number of hits () and criticals () given.

rerolls rerolls

ESCGo to next phase
alt+p/alt+shift+pShow/Hide possible moves for unit.
RED:goes out of board (this turn or the next), YELLOW:collides with obstacle,
WHITE:collides with unit, GREEN:ok
alt+mShow average move, using only GREEN and WHITE moves, no K-/Tallon turns.
Use shift+p to hide.
alt+1/alt+shift+1Add/Remove to selected unit
alt+2/alt+shift+2Add/Remove to selected unit
alt+3/alt+shift+3Add/Remove to selected unit
alt+4/alt+shift+4Add/Remove to selected unit
alt+5/alt+shift+5Add/Remove (ionization token) to selected unit
alt+6/alt+shift+6Add/Remove (tractor beam token) to selected unit
alt+7/alt+shift+7Add/Remove (weapon disabled token) to selected unit
alt+d/alt+shift+dAdd/Remove to selected unit
alt+cAdd random to selected unit
Event:_______________Total points:
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